BitoCash is fantasy Currency & Wallet to play on all InsaneVegas Network from World Wide.

Networ: InsaneVegas, Insane11, InsaneRaffle, InsaneGames
Next BitoCash Rate Update
4,500.00 BitoCash
Worth of rewards
Bitocash Users
60,000 Tokens
2,000,000 Tokens

Why use BitoCash instead of real mining?

Cryptocurrencies are currently not regulated by any authority and perhaps many countries have banned mining cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency is the future, as we moved from barter to physical to plastic.

For people who are crypto enthusiast, they can earn rewards while having their fantasy turn true.

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What and How it work

Revolutionising Fantasy Mining

Transparent System. GDPR Compliant App

BitoCash Market to be increased

First App of a kind from London, England

What is BitoCash?

BitoCash is a Fantasy Cryptocurrency. It is meant for fun rewards purpose only. 1 BitoCash is valued at $11. Bitocash is distributed among the top end users every next month on 28th. Earn BitoCash and get a chance to withdraw the same by being in the top fantasy mining race.
Apart from top earners, there will be high end tech-goodies which can be claimed by anyone during that promotional drive irrespective of their prior BitoCash earning. The said offer will be live on any day of the month.


BitoCash was introduced at $0.12 and over a period has been valued at $11

28th of every month
Minimal BitoCash to be distributed among top earners every month
10,000.00 BitoCash
27th of next month
Exchange rate
1 BitoCash = USD 11
PayPal/BTC Wallet
Minimal amount to claim withdrawal
1 BitoCash

Distribution Of BitoCash

How BitoCash Valuations Increases, So is yours?

  • 25% Advertising Partners
  • 20% Users Trust And App Usage
  • 20% New Users Acquired
  • 15% Promotion Offer in App by Publishers
  • 10% App Stability And Updates
  • 5% Quizzes

Frequently Asked Question

BitoCash is a Fantasy Mining App cum Fantasy cryptocurrency for crypto enthusiast. Insted of claiming rewards fast at low prices it is better to keep using BitoCash and take out money when it reaches substantial level. Although it is your money and time you know what is better than us.

Click on the link ‘Join & Get Rewards’ to download the App

Its simple! Join us and start claiming, also earn by inviting. Top users get to withdraw rewards worth upto 2,000 BitoCash. Apart from it, we give-away Tech-goodies to users irrespective of holding BitoCash prior to the promotional drive.

BitoCash doesn’t hold an expiry so you won’t lose any of it. You may try to earn more rewards next and claim reward, as the users who have redeemed their BitoCash will have to start-over.


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